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Motivation and keeping on track

It takes 3/4 weeks to change an old habit and create a new one.

Since working in addictions for many years I have learnt that people will only break habits if they want to and their mind is set on it. For others it is a temporary lifestyle change and then back to old habits.

This is when weight loss becomes the easy part and the maintenance a challenge.

One thing I try and get my clients to do is not THINK well I’ve blown it so sod it. It was just one of those days, you can’t change what you have done but can change things moving forward . We are all human after all, if you keep thinking sod it what is the point then the harsh reality of it is you really don’t want it or you are simply not ready yet.

We all know how it makes us feel when we achieve something and also ask ourselves why don’t we keep doing it if it makes us feel so good.

There are numerous behaviour stages that we go through in order to change behaviour;

*Precontemplation:- Unaware of the problem (Keep doing what you are doing)

*Contemplation:- Aware of the problem and of the desire to change (Addressing the problem by thinking about change)

*Preparation:- Intends to take action (Contacting Personal Trainer/Join a gym)

*Action:- Practices the desired bahaviour (Change lifestyle)

*Maintenance:- Works to sustain the behaviour change (Keeps up new habit)


Its at the maintenance stage where we change our existing behaviour thinking we have damaged all the good work and our mindset goes back to old habits. You eat the biscuits in the cupboard when you don’t really what to but you have had one so why not four more, the children did’t eat all their dinner so you finish it because, well I’ve had the biscuits so why not.

You been out with friends and had a big blow out and it continues the next day because you are dehydrated and hungover thinking all that alcohol consumed a takeaway won’t do any harm.

Sound familiar!?

This is called life….. we want to have a blow out but I refer to this as balance, its just getting back to the new behaviours as soon as possible and remembering how positive¬† they made you feel, and you can do it again.

It didn’t take over night to put on the weight or get fitter, healthier and/or more toned – it took time, preparation and planning so one hiccup is not a reason to stop doing what makes you feel better about yourself.

You desire to keep motivated but things happen that stops us. Its the mind that talks us in and out of things and that’s what we need to keep telling ourselves.


Plan and prepare your workouts, you have the same hours in the day, the same weeks in the year.

Once you get past 3/4 weeks your relapses will become less and your new lifestyle will become just that your lifestyle.

Make dates with friends to go for a walk, join a group exercise class and commit to it, attend new classes and workouts to keep you motivated. Often doing the same thing gets boring and that is again where we lose motivation.

Look at different foods to eat to help with metabolism and stop the weekly, daily numbness at the dinner table.

Form your own social media group where you can motivate each other on and let each other know you are having a non motivated day and these groups can offer some of their own ways of handling that.

Bounce of your class instructor or personal trainer. My clients do and I welcome that as I know it helps them with accountability and their success.

Most importantly RELAX!!!

Too much emphasis is made on results rather than mindset – A happy mind is a healthy body

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Kerrie x