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October 2011

Did you know that strength training is crucial for successfully losing weight and keeping it off? I'm talking about weight-bearing exercise. It doesn't have to be a huge, bulky workout, it just has to be some basic strength training. In general, people will practice cardiovascular activities and forget about weight bearing exercises when it comes to burning fat. And there are still many trainers who will say that aerobic exercises burn off fat and weightlifting is only used to build muscle bulk. This statement is not entirely correct because the more

There is no quick fix to a healthy and fit body, so ditch the 'faddy' diets and 'miracle' slimming pills. These may be quick, but not necessarily sustainable in the long term. I often hear friends, colleagues and fitness class members say to me that they are looking for a quick fix and kick start to lose weight. Who can relate to wanting to lose weight quickly and have tried so many diets such as, Slim fast, special 'K', Cambridge, Literlife, Cabbage Soup diet, The Atkins Diet, and I am sure you can

It’s cold and wet – hardly perfect conditions to get your kids off the sofa and exercising. But with one in three primary schoolchildren overweight, it has never been more important to get them fit. Three-quarters of children aren’t active enough, ­according to a Government survey, and unfit kids are six times more likely to show early signs of heart disease. Professor Peter Helms, from the Department of Child Health at Aberdeen University, claims the health consequences are far-reaching. “We’ve become a sedentary nation,” he says. “Obesity is an epidemic and we’re going the