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So another year has gone before we know it, end of an era and time for pastures new. We always look at another year to make promises to ourselves that we will make it better.. NEW YEAR Resolutions.. You don't need to make unrealistic resolutions you just need to make small changes to your current lifestyle to reap the benefits mentally, emotionally and physically. I posted a poll on my PMA Facebook page last week. Do you Fitness train for

Each year millions of people go on fad diets hoping to lose pounds and gain a slimmer, trimmer body. They try low-fat diets, protein diets, milkshake diets and low-carb diets limiting their nutritional intake to get quick fixes. Many of you will lose weight quickly, telling everyone how successful the diet was. Unfortunately, most will not only regain the weight you lost, but gain additional pounds also. Then in turn you go onto try another fad diet. Does this sound familiar??  Here are some reasons for you to think about the next

The purpose of a Low Carb Diet Low-carbohydrate diets are essentially very simple. The idea is that by restricting daily carbohydrate intake, cravings for carbohydrates will eventually subside, resulting in a lower amount of food consumption and weight loss. Low-carb diets are meant to be used as general weight loss plans, especially for people who are considered "Carbohydrate Addicts". These addicts have consistent and uncontrollable cravings for carbohydrates, resulting in carbohydrate binges. I am sure that there are a lot of us that can relate to that.. If we have not

I have spoken to a number of clients who at some point experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome so I thought I would do some research for you for the foods that might help and then of course foods that might hinder your condition. What I have come across is that some foods that irritate and course problems can also be helpful foods to others so it is a case of suck it and see. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common gut disorder. The course is not known.  Symptoms can be quite variable and

When we are dieting, healthy eating and changing our lifestyle to lose weight we often think that exercise is how we can achieve that weight loss. Exercise  is a big contributing factor to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle but what is essentially important is the nutrition we consume during that time. If we exercise and keep the same diet you will achieve a certain amount of weight loss, simply because you are moving more and  burning more calories than before you started exercise! You will no doubt experience a plateau

Hydration: Being hydrated allows the body to fully engage in exercise and fitness workouts. Without proper hydration, the body strains itself and is not able to perform to its highest capabilities. That being said, many active individuals including athletes do not know much about hydration outside of knowing you need to drink water while you exercise. There is much more to hydration than simply water during workouts. Hydration comes from the foods that we eat as well as the fluids that we drink. According to the National Athletic Trainers Association, “During exercise,

Did you know that strength training is crucial for successfully losing weight and keeping it off? I'm talking about weight-bearing exercise. It doesn't have to be a huge, bulky workout, it just has to be some basic strength training. In general, people will practice cardiovascular activities and forget about weight bearing exercises when it comes to burning fat. And there are still many trainers who will say that aerobic exercises burn off fat and weightlifting is only used to build muscle bulk. This statement is not entirely correct because the more

There is no quick fix to a healthy and fit body, so ditch the 'faddy' diets and 'miracle' slimming pills. These may be quick, but not necessarily sustainable in the long term. I often hear friends, colleagues and fitness class members say to me that they are looking for a quick fix and kick start to lose weight. Who can relate to wanting to lose weight quickly and have tried so many diets such as, Slim fast, special 'K', Cambridge, Literlife, Cabbage Soup diet, The Atkins Diet, and I am sure you can

Consume the right number of calories to help you reach and maintain an optimum body weight. The number of calories you need depends on your size, age, and activity level. Eating too many calories causes weight gain, which will worsen diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease risks. Your body makes and/or uses insulin best when you are at your optimum weight. On the other hand, eating too few calories causes a different problem for special classes of persons : Children and teens with diabetes must eat enough calories to grow properly. Pregnant and nursing women must eat enough calories to provide for

If you're like most people who want to lose weight, you want to lose it fast. So you may be tempted to make drastic changes in your diet to dramatically reduce the number of calories you consume. But what you may not know is that eating too few calories can actually backfire and sabotage your weight-loss efforts. "It would make sense to stop eating [when you are trying to lose weight], but it actually works in the opposite way," says Kimberly Lummus, MS, RD, Texas Dietetic Association media representative and public relations coordinator at the Austin Dietetic Association