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No Resolutions here…. just small changes to make BIG differences

So another year has gone before we know it, end of an era and time for pastures new.

We always look at another year to make promises to ourselves that we will make it better.. NEW YEAR Resolutions..

You don’t need to make unrealistic resolutions you just need to make small changes to your current lifestyle to reap the benefits mentally, emotionally and physically.

I posted a poll on my PMA Facebook page last week.

Do you Fitness train for…..

The Mind and Wellbeing? or Toning, Weight or Fat loss?

66% voted for Toning, Weight or Fat loss — The results are what I expected.


We all tend to want to be different to what we are when we look back at ourselves in the mirror.

Ask yourself when did your new routine start? Then think what has changed since that started. Then ask yourself have you maintained that way of life, are you more toned, weigh what you want to weigh and lost the fat and kept it off.

The more we focus on weight and fat loss we lose sight of life, not for all, granted,. but for a high percentage of people I work with often say if ONLY I was what I was back then, NOW..  Sound familiar!

When you train for Mind and Wellbeing in turn its a natural process that follows of weight, fat loss and toning.

A Happy Mind is a Healthy Body ……..

Positive thinking can contribute to a healthier body and research shows that scientists are coming up with more research to support this.

Visit; Happier Mind, Healthier Body / Live Happy Magazine ( livehappy.com )

The article refers to many benefits of positive thinking and how it benefits the body and medical conditions and this in turn will help with weight loss, fat loss and toning.

When we put ourselves under too much pressure to deliver it can be detrimental to your health and with this in mind your weight loss and fat loss goals potentially could not be met.

Relax the mind and the body will follow. 

Approach things slightly differently, rather than a restrictive meal plan taking the foods you like away just eat less of it.

Move MORE – its very simple. You don’t have to have a gym membership to make a difference to your cardiovascular and physical fitness. Walking is one of the most underestimated things we can do but is so beneficial. There is no pressure to get your gym kit on and travel to the gym – you can just pop your walking boots on open your front door and see where the path will take you.

Do more things you enjoy, like spending time with your friends instead of getting caught up in the mundane way of life with work and family chores.

By spending more time on YOU by doing things you enjoy will benefit you mentally and will balance your wellbeing, this in turn weight loss and fat loss will happen naturally as you will be in a better place mentally.

You will start making more mindful choices when it comes to food and fitness and this then becomes your NEW way of life.

No Resolutions here….. just small changes to make BIG differences

Positive Mental Attitude

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