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November 2011

Are you feeling fatigue and having erratic mood swings. Is your energy levels low, get up to go to work in the dark, then drive home in the dark and when you do get home have no energy but to sit on the sofa and catch up with the latest soaps or reality TV. Winter is in full force. As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, even the best of us can get a little down. The "winter blues" are characterized by the mild depression, lack of motivation,

When we are dieting, healthy eating and changing our lifestyle to lose weight we often think that exercise is how we can achieve that weight loss. Exercise  is a big contributing factor to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle but what is essentially important is the nutrition we consume during that time. If we exercise and keep the same diet you will achieve a certain amount of weight loss, simply because you are moving more and  burning more calories than before you started exercise! You will no doubt experience a plateau

Hydration: Being hydrated allows the body to fully engage in exercise and fitness workouts. Without proper hydration, the body strains itself and is not able to perform to its highest capabilities. That being said, many active individuals including athletes do not know much about hydration outside of knowing you need to drink water while you exercise. There is much more to hydration than simply water during workouts. Hydration comes from the foods that we eat as well as the fluids that we drink. According to the National Athletic Trainers Association, “During exercise,