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How Nutrition combined with Exercise aids Weight Loss

When we are dieting, healthy eating and changing our lifestyle to lose weight we often think that exercise is how we can achieve that weight loss. Exercise  is a big contributing factor to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle but what is essentially important is the nutrition we consume during that time.

If we exercise and keep the same diet you will achieve a certain amount of weight loss, simply because you are moving more and  burning more calories than before you started exercise! You will no doubt experience a plateau at a certain time of your exercise programme and wonder why you can achieve no more weight loss? Food is our fuel, if we are not addressing changes in our nutritional consumption and have the understanding of why we need certain foods it could hinder you achieving your fitness, weight loss goals……

The eatwell plate gives you a clear divide between carbohydrates, fats and protein consumption. Each food type has its place on your food plate and plays a certain roll within you body functioning properly!! Without these food types your body will go into starvation and hold on to what stores it has until the next time you eat.

The LESS you move the LESS you eat, the MORE you move the MORE you eat of the RIGHT FOODS!!

Snacking is also essential throughout the day, eat little and often to keep your metabolism going and this will then allow you to burn more fat.. REMEMBER it is not the foods that you eat that make us fat its the amount of food you eat that contribute to weight gain and weight loss. Snacking on the right foods can get results; if you snack on crisps, chocolate, cookies, pizza, fast food and sweets, simple carbohydrates,  they will make you feel fuller for less time which can result into eating double the amount of calories your body actually needs.

Below are just a few ideas of some snacks that can keep you going throughout the day and keep you fuller for longer.

Lose weight Snacks around 100 calories

  • 1 Apple and a handful of grapes
  • 1 slice of wholemeal toast with 1tsp of peanut butter
  • 2 rye crispbreads topped with 2tsp of guacamole
  • 8 unsalted almonds
  • 1 pear and 1 satsuma
  • 8 tbsp salsa and carrot sticks
  • Smoothie made from 150ml skimmed milk and 1/2 mango
  • 4 slices of lean ham and salad
Lose weight Indulge snacks around 250 calories
  • 1 wholemeal pitta filled with 4tblsp grated reduced fat cheese and salad
  • 1 grilled skinless chicken breast with salad and 1 slice wholemeal roll and 1tsp of low fat spread
  • Fruit salad make from 1 small banana, 1 pear and 1 apple with 1 pot of fat free fruit yoghurt
  • Fresh vegetable soup with 2 slices of wholemeal bread
  • 4 breadsticks with 5 tbspn reduced fat hummus
  • 20 unsalted almonds
  • 1 reduced fat croissant with 2tsp marmarlade and 1 satsuma
  • 20 unsalted brazil nuts
  • 1 toasted bagel with 2tbsp low fat soft cheese and 1 sliced tomato
Less is not necessarily more when it comes to weight loss. If you are exercising more then you require more fuel! A lot of us make the simple mistake “if I eat less then of course I will lose weight”…. What you will lose is a lot of water and lean muscle mass which is why when on a low calorie diet you can get quick results, but these results will not be able to be maintained!! FACT