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September 2011

Stretching is something most of us forget about, but is one of the most important parts of your workout. You finish a workout and head straight for the door, get in your car and go home,  but your workout shouldn’t be finished until you spend just  5 to 10 minutes stretching out.   I'm sure there has been some time or another where you have experienced discomfort in the muscles and unable to move as much as you would like, this is mainly due to you not stretching. Not stretching those muscles can

If you have ever attempted to become physically fit, you have likely discovered that this process is a very difficult process to maintain. If you would like to make your fitness training easier and to achieve your fitness goals why not consider a Personal Trainer. A Personal Trainer can make the fitness process a simple one to follow and give you that buddy system required through every step of the way. The best part of working out with a trainer is definitely the fact that they will not only boost your fitness levels

Burning Calories :- (ref Nutracheck) How many calories do I actually use during physical activities? There can be no debate over whether or not physical activity is good for you; it burns calories, increases the metabolism, strengthens muscles, joints and bones, and can have a positive effect on your general mood. But there is debate over which exercises are best for you in terms of how many calories they burn. Does swimming burn more fat than cycling? Will step aerobics or salsa classes help you slim quicker? And is yoga any use at all in the weight loss battle? Exercise