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A Varied Workout gets Results & helps us keep mobile in our older years……

Do you do the same physical routine in the gym, when attending a class or in everyday life!?!?    

Are you getting the results you are wanting to achieve on the scales or when looking in the mirror?!?!

In order to enjoy all the physical benefits that exercise has to offer, vary your usual routine on a regular basis. Performing the same type of activity at the same level of intensity week after week gives your body nothing new to adapt to, it slows down or stops you from reaching your strength and endurance potential.

As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor I find that I have the same individuals in my classes week after week. I try and mix up their workouts so that they walk away feeling the burn from working all their body parts.

There are 4 types of body training, these include;

  • Upper Body Training
  • Core & Trunk Training
  • Lower Body Training
  • Total Body Training
Do you breakdown your training into these body parts or have you got yourself into a regular routine!? It’s time to break habits and work differently.
I covered a colleagues Circuit class this week. I felt nervous with regards to, one how would the clients take to me as an instructor and two what exercises in this session would I use  in order to give the clients a session they were USE to. After some thought the best thing to do for me and them was to do what I thought a Circuit class should consist of. This gave the class attendees a change, a varied workout to what they were use to and by changing my thought process allowed me to think about the body, how it functions and what benefits the clients would get from doing this session that I had planned.
A gentleman entered the class, looked rather apprehensive and throughout the circuit session stopped regularly to recover, then joined back in. I asked him if he was OK, to which his response was that he was not a regular class user as he mainly attended the gym. He wanted to take part in Circuits so that he was doing something different and admitted that going to the gym for as long as he had he needed to break his routine in order to get results; that being to burn some more calories and lose weight. His pro-active approach has given his body something new to adapt to and no doubt he will see benefits quicker by changing his usual routine!
Functional training is a great way to take your workouts to the next level. Functional training can be thought of as performing exercises that better prepare us to handle everyday activities and tasks.

This type of training covers exercises that call for the body to move on many different planes, at different angles and at different speeds. Enhancing overall strength, stamina, balance and power. Target your core, this involves muscles of the trunk and pelvis involved with supporting the spinal column, including the abdominals and lower back.

If exercises are performed correctly and with consistency, better posture, improved balance and increased joint stability can result, significantly decreasing risk of injury.

As we get older we generally become less mobile. No need!! Simply taking a step onto the bus or up our stairs to bed or the bathroom can become a chore. Functional Training allows us to cover all our body parts, build strength and stamina gradually. DO NOT restrict or keep the same fitness routine day in day out. Ask your gym, class, fitness instructor or Personal Trainer to give you ideas or write you a new programme..

In order to get results, changes need to be made!