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Kerrie's PMA Fitness:- Personal Trainer 07968 357475 | Personal Trainer. YMCA ETM Qualified, Gym Instructor, Registered Boxercise & KickBoxercise Instructor

Periodised Programmes & why Personal Training works…

Periodisation began in Eastern Europe where is was used as a method of optimising performance and recovery with weight lifters and field athletes. The application of these training methods have been shown to be beneficial for recreational training goals as well as elite performers and it is a method that most Personal Trainers adapt with most or all of their clients.

The reason why Personal Trainers use periodisation programmes is so that their clients progress! Through my own teaching career to date so far I have a number of conversations with clients who have very little or no understanding of why they work out and what they are achieving, or even how to achieve it properly.

You will join a gym, have an induction, have a programme written for you. but how often does your gym instructor adapt that training programme after a certain amount of time and monitor your progress??  Personal Trainers take on that role throughout your time with them, monitoring progress, adapting programmes to improve your fitness and wellbeing.

There are 3 stages to performance

  1. Shock:- the response to the initial training stimulus, where fatigue and soreness results in a performance decrease as the body attempts to recover from the stresses imposed upon it.
  2. Adaption:- the body adapts physiologically to the training stimulus and performance increases. The phase results in greater strength, endurance, muscular hypertrophy or CV fitness, according to the stimulus imposed.
  3. Staleness:- the body has adapted so no further adaptions will take place until a new stimulus is introduced. Personal Trainers, Fitness Class instructors introduce a new stimulus into your next training session. Unless this change takes place a training plateau will occur. Your next session needs to be different from your previous session so that this stimulus takes place.

Periodisation is a long term training plan that changes the workouts regularly by manipulating volume, intensity and type of exercise.

If you have fitness goals, health goals and need a Personal Trainer to help you achieve these goals then contact Kerrie’s PMA Fitness. Personal training available with a number of different exercises, range of fitness class experience and plenty of equipment on offer to vary your workouts. All the equipment you need and programmes are provided by PMA fitness, all you need to do is bring yourself , be yourself and I will do the rest.. with your fitness, health and nutritional goals in mind!  Positive Mental Attitude fitness guarantees to keep you motivated so get intouch.