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Do you Exercise or don’t you when you have a cold or flu… ?

It’s that time of year for flu and colds to rear their ugly heads… Some of us are laid up in bed, body aching other battling with a runny nose, cough and heavy chest.

I often have individuals attend my classes and sessions with these symptoms thinking that the  best way to get rid of this is to sweat it out!!

According to some physicians, there is a fairly simple way to decide if you should take it easy or not and it’s called the neck up or neck down rule. Many people believe that exercising will actually boost their immune system and help them recover more quickly. But most doctors disagree. Evidence is strong that if you are feeling fatigued, feverish or really stuffy, working out will probably make you feel worse.If your symptoms are from the neck up, therefore you have the sniffles, a runny nose, headache and perhaps a very mild cough, it’s probably OK to perform a mild workout. The key is to make sure you have no difficulty breathing during or after a workout. Definitely cut back, though, especially if you’re a regular gym user, class participant or otherwise. Experts agree that going at one third your normal pace might be the best way to proceed and if you feel worse a few hours later give yourself a few days rest.

If you’re symptoms are mainly from the  neck down, that is you’ve got a deep chest cough or a fever, you should avoid working out altogether until you feel much better. Chest pain means you most likely have inflamed tissue in the lungs and working out will course more inflammation. Sleep and rest are the better are essential until you are on the road to recovery.

Also remember if you are around other people when you are not feeling well, sniffing, sneezing, coughing and spluttering. virus’ can spread so think of others aswell as your self..

These are recommendations for you to consider. As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor I would prefer you not to exercise for your own health and safety as your body is already trying to fight off infection. If you continue to work out when not feeling 100% your body will take longer to heal. Rest and recovery is better then prolonging the process. Once you are fully recovered, the quicker you can get back to exercise.

Common sense prevails when it comes to you knowing your own body and capabilities when exercising. All I would ask  for you to do is make your instructors aware of your illness, also if you have any injuries, as it is our job to keep you fit and healthy, not contribute to your already existing low immune system!